Maarten Kos Italy’s Responsibility Under International Law for Human Rights Violation of Migrants Intercepted at Sea and Returned to Libya by the Libyan Coast Guard with the Support of Italy Download Thesis


Ralph Groeneveld The meaning of ‘protection in accordance with the Geneva Convention’ under Article 38(1)(e) EU Procedures Directive in the light of the safe third country concept, with a case study of Turkey Download Thesis



Mirjam den Besten  Extraterritorial Immigration Control and Access to Asylum. The Dutch Immigration Liaison Officers and the Non-Refoulement obligations of the Netherlands under international refugee and human rights law


Amélie Poméon Frontex and EBCGA, a Question of Accountability


Daphne ter Telgte The accession of the EU to the ECHR to strengthen human rights protection within the Common European Asylum system: necessity or merely symbolic? Download thesis


Nynke Staal After M.S.S.: the contemporary asylum and migration situation in Greece Download thesis


Arend van Rosmalen Conditional Citizenship of the Union? Family migration for the EU citizens and the outdated notion of “internal affairs” Download thesis


Ellen Nissen The Rights of Minor EU Member State Nationals Wishing to Enjoy Family Life with a non-EU Parent in their Country of Nationality. A study in the light of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Childals Download thesis


Alke Metselaar ‘Turkish delight? A closer examination of the standstill clause and the prohibition of discrimination in the EEC-Turkey Association’, Universiteit Maastricht. Download thesis


Mark A. Provera ‘The detention of asylumseekers in Australia and the European Union – a comparative analysis’, Universiteit Maastricht.


Sheila Maas ‘Dual Protection in European Asylum Law: Good or Bad for those Seeking Subsidiary Protection?


Emma Besselink General Principles of Community Law in Action, the role of general principles in the context of the Asylum Procedure Directive Download thesis


Sandra Adriana Mantu The Boundaries of European Social Citizenship


Bahija Aarrass De Wet Inburgering in het Buitenland


Maarten den Heijer De extra-territoriale werking van mensenrechtenverdragen en de opvang van asielzoekers in de regio


Erik Scheers De verhouding van de Europese richtlijn gezinshereniging tot het Nederlandse gezinsherenigingsbeleid en het recht op ‘family life’ ingevolge artikel 8 EVRM’, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen


Hjørdis Snoeys Klemmende redenen van humanitaire aard. Duidelijk omlijnde asiel- en reguliere verleningsgronden of restcategorie?